I Haven't Done One Of These In A Long Time...

This comes via my friend, Poobomber (love that name!). A lot of this is stuff I've discussed from time to time, but it's always good to keep my newer readers up-to-date.
  1. Clothes: I would have made a good communist. I wear a lot of drab clothing. The last thing I want is to look flashy. Today is no exception. I have on brown shoes, jeans, white crew socks, boxers, and a white t-shirt under a plaid flannel shirt. This is standard once it's too cold to wear shorts.
  2. Furniture: If I had my way, I'd own nothing but rustic furniture (things made out of sticks and bark). The stuff I have is either stuff Megan had, stuff people gave me after they were sick of it, or stuff I made myself.
  3. Sweet: I love most sweets, especially things with chocolate. You could cover cat turds in chocolate and I'd probably eat them.
  4. City: I've been to many big cities, both domestic and foreign, and I still love Chicago the best. It feels like home. I might put Paris at #2. I know people have a problem with France, but that is one cool city.
  5. Drink: I fucking love lemonade. There's this organic shit that I get that's fantastic. As far as alcohol, I mostly drink Canadian beer. Sometimes I'll have a G & T. I also like sangria occasionally.
  6. Music: Go HERE.
  7. TV Series: For me, The Sopranos is still hands-down the best. Right now the series I try the hardest not to miss is The Office.
  8. Film: Duh. Most documentaries. I can't watch enough of them.
  9. Workout: I ski in the winter. Thankfully, I have a small appetite and a high metabolism. Otherwise I'd be one of those people who needs to be airlifted off of their couch.
  10. Pastries: Donuts. I also really like pain au chocolat.
  11. Coffee: I've never had coffee on its own. Ever.
Go ahead and answer if you like!


Anonymous said...

Damnit you sound a lot like me - that's a compliment, I think!

Anonymous said...

Ooo! Ooo! I wanna do this.

Mnmom said...

I'm gonna do this!
No Greg Brown??

Anonymous said...

Although I feel kinda dumb doing one without being TAGGED like you were! *hint hint*


Some Guy said...

Kimmie- Tag! You're it!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what an eclectic mix of music, WOW!

Dr Zibbs said...

I saw website that is dedicted to docs and I wrote it down for you. I'll have to let you know what it is.