Quality Control...

As you have probably noticed, the content of this blog has continued its downward slide. I figured it was high time to get a little feedback from my readers in order to bring you the quality material you expect. Please fill out the following survey at your leisure. Any additional suggestions can be left in the comments.

How did you find this blog?
A friend told me to avoid it
The Yellow Pages, under "waste disposal"
Ad in "JesusWeek" magazine
Accidentally while looking for porn
I found it very offensive, thank you very much
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What about this blog appeals to you the MOST?
The liberal use of ellipses...
It makes me feel superior to you
The links to better blogs
It's slightly more interesting than the side of my cereal box
The stuff about poo (This is anonymous, right?)
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What about this blog appeals to you the LEAST?
All these words I have to read
No posts about Sally Struthers
Your complete and utter disregard for any sort of decorum
Not enough nipples
Stunts like this, where you pretend like you honestly want our feekback and then you turn it into some big joke and waste all of our time
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How can this blog be improved?
Provide hard-to-find information on penis enlargement
Stop sugar-coating everything and be a little more frank
Knock it off with all that pinko, liberal bunk
Instead of a white on black color scheme, how about yellow on light yellow?
Replace the "Documentary Film Of The Day" feature with "Anal Cyst Picture Of The Day"
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Cap'n Ergo "XL+II" Jinglebollocks said...

never mind the cysts-- just more T&A and all will be well.

Falwless said...

There was no "other" to choose in the poll, but I got here by way of the ad banner at maturecameltoe.com.

SkylersDad said...

Most of the porn sites I visit, er, uh, have heard about, have this blog on the top banner!

Well done sir, I will be expected a slight upward trend soon after the anal cysts start appearing...on the blog...not on me...ya know...

Amy said...

Just please no Sally Struthers T&A.

Anonymous said...

You're being much too hard on yourself, Chris. Just to cheer you up, I'm sending you a $1,000 Home Depot gift card. Buy yourself something pretty, like a deluxe grill.
Or a garden gnome.

Joe said...

Less Sally, more Adrienne Barbeau please

Sans Pantaloons said...

Are anal cysts expensive?

Micgar said...

Do you really want our "feekback"?