A Reader Participation Post....

It recently occurred to me that Wyoming is the only one of the fifty states that is a gerund. So, when someone is "wyoming", what are they doing? I'd like to "wyome", but I feel like I need more info so that I can do it correctly. That's why I'm turning to my well-informed readership. It might help you to know that the most famous "wyomer" is:

...with Jim J. Bullock taking a close second.


SkylersDad said...

Except for the Yellowstone part, when you want to give the USA an enema, Wyoming is where you push it in...

Distributorcap said...

this says it all:

Famous Wyomingites
James Bridger - trapper, guide and storyteller (who?)
John Colter - trader (who?)
June Etta Downey - educator (again, who?)
Thomas Fitzpatrick - mountain man and guide (um, and that would be who?)
Curt Gowdy - sportscaster (OK him i heard of)
Tom Horn - detective (snooping out what?)
Isabel Jewell - actress (not Meryl Streep)
Velma Linford - writer (of course, silly me!)
John “Portugee” Phillips - frontiersman (another Paris Hilton)
Jackson Pollock - painter (tho he is more famous for being killed in the Hamptons)
Alan K. Simpson - senator (OK another i heard of)
Alan Swallow - publisher and author (what does he swallow?)
Chief Washakie - chief of the Shoshone (by the shores of Gitchygoomie...)
James G. Watt - former secretary of the Interior (this is something to be proud of?)

Micgar said...

You just grimace, and scratch your head. See, Dick is doing the wyoming perfectly! See Dick wyome. Dick is wyoming. Dick has wyomed. A lot.

Writeprocrastinator said...

Wyoming can keep Cheney and Happy New Year!