Words I Haven't Used Yet...

I've written just over 500 posts since I started blogging. That adds up to a lot of words. In many cases, a lot of these words get used more than once. I wanted to figure out some of the words that have been neglected thus far, so I did a search for a few. They have not appeared in this blog until now. They include:
  • abhorrent
  • bilge
  • corpulent
  • dysfunctional
  • excretory
  • flatulent
  • garish
  • homunculus
  • inane
  • junk
  • knob
  • lugubrious
  • misanthropic
  • nincompoop
  • obstinate
  • petulant
  • quixotic
  • rapscallion
  • succulent
  • torpor
  • unctuous
  • vibrator
  • warped
  • xanthophyll (this one surprised me too!)
  • yucky
  • zealot


Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

I can't believe you haven't used the word "knob" yet. What with you being an architect and all...

That's a great list, though. Try to use them.

SkylersDad said...

I would have bet a lot on warped being used, because it describes so many of us!

Phil said...

I am surprised you haven't used zealot.

Megan said...

I believe I have used abhorrent, inane, and zealot. Quite possibly in the same sentence.

Moderator said...

You nincompoop.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Flatulant needs to be used more than once in your blog, or else I'm going to stop reading.

bubbles said...

"Warped" was my first surprise. Then I was shocked by the lack of 'junk'. I mean, it has such a variety of uses. Kind of like the word "interesting".

Joe said...

How in God's name do you have a blog without "torpor"?