This Website Would Be Pretty Cool If I Thought It Actually Worked...

Here's something I happened upon. Maybe you've all tried this before and I'm the last to know. It wouldn't be the first time. You just upload a photo and it cranks out celebrities you supposedly look like.

First, my original avatar:

(L to R, Top to Bottom): Antonio Meucci, Jack Lemmon, Ezra Pound, Tom Brady, Jennifer Capriati (poor girl), Cat Stevens, Gilbert Becaud (?), Kurt Vonnegut

Now, a non-bearded photo:

(L to R, Top to Bottom): Hal Sparks, Bill Paxton (Chet!! What're the fucking odds!?), James Garner, Billy Bob Thornton, Ben Stiller, Dean Cain, Aidan Quinn, Josh Duhamel (?)

And just for shits & giggles, my third grade class photo:

(L to R, Top to Bottom): Juliette Lewis, Darryl Hannah, Sienna Miller, Izabella Scorupco (?), Anna Kournikova, Jamie-Lynn Spears, Halle Berry, Bridget Fonda

Try it yourself. It's pretty easy.


Anonymous said...

teri says:

okay, so with your beard you look like a relatively old crazy person?

without your beard you look like a hotty and

as a child you looked like a girl.

okay, got it. :)

Slinger said...

Holy shit, that was by far the funniest one I have seen of these. I have yet to do this. But for your first one, Jennifer Capriati??? HAHAHA

Second: CHET!

Third - HALLE BERRY?!?!?!

I need to do this sometime over the weekend. I have yet to see this site come up with a close match.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Jack Lemmon and Kurt Vonnegut? Rowr

Anonymous said...

HahAHaAHAAAA that Jennifer Capriati looks like you with a beard!!

And Chet... that is funny.

I did it, too :)

Anonymous said...

You're the last to know Chris. Your second attempt makes you look a little like blind Canadian rocker Jeff Healey. Chris, Healey thyself.


The Boob Lady said...

Amazing.. Simply amazing. I like that you look like Jennifer Capriati. HA!

IDigHootchAndCootch said...

thats weird. Tom Brady and Kurt Vonnegut are at polar opposite ends of the genetic gene pool when it comes to physical appearance. Yet you look like both of them?!?! Funny.

RandyLuvsPaiste said...

I stopped as soon as it told me I look like Jack Nicholson

Some Guy said...

Teri- A good synopsis...

Slinger- I tried a few other photos and Tony Danza popped up more than once. Yikes!

Flan- It's like we were separated at birth!

Amy- I feel so bad for Ms. Capriati.

Dale- I need all the "Healey-ing" I can get.

Boob Lady- Don't laugh just yet. Let's see who YOU match up with!

Hootch- That was one hint that this thing is defective.

Randy- My condolences.