Megan, Honey, Don't Read This Post...

Well, dear readers, there are a few things I've been wanting to post about and I thought I'd try to kill a few birds with one stone. A while ago I created an account at a poll-generating site, so I wanted to incorporate a poll. I also wanted to do a gross-out post, something involving poo and odors. Check, check, and check! Remember, this is a secret ballot, so don't be shy. Feel free to share any personal experiences in the comments section, should the mood strike you. By the way, mine is pork. No question.

Consumption of which meat group results in the stinkiest turds?
Fish (not shellfish)
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Frank Sirmarco said...

Definitely pork. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

There is a very, very, VERY good reason, let me assure you, that I no longer eat horse/dog.

SkylersDad said...

I love venison, actually all game meats. But something in my system thinks I should be a vegan and says get thee out of here!

Unclejbird said...


Dammit, someone break the tie! I gotta plan dinner for tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

Liver and cheese supper does it for me every time.


Anonymous said...

Mine is beef, but I haven't tried some of those...

Mine is actually more like "anything prepared with Mexican style spices".

Doc said...

If you are looking to achieve the most raunchy of bowel movements, might I recommend eggs, chili and beer. I would recommend a good dark beer, preferably an import. I have frightened respectable people with the thought that I was a reanimated corpse with this combo.

Try it with someone you love, or perhaps on the elevator on Monday morning heading into work. You will have a captive audience of critics to review your work.