The Blahg...

Those of you who still follow this decrepit blog may have noticed my posting frequency has plummeted over the last few months.  Now, I could lie and say that I wasn't spending most of my spare time waiting by the mailbox for my copy of Boy Meets World: The Complete Fourth Season to arrive, but I won't.  That's exactly what I was doing.  And I'd do it again because the show is that good.

Actually, the truth is that, as each day passed without a new post, I felt increased pressure to write something really profound and worthy of my triumphant return.  Then I realized that this blog has never been about quality.  The thing I always loved about this space was being able to post whatever stupid shit popped into my head without any concern for whether anyone would like or understand it.  So, although I may not post as much as I once did, I will endeavor to get back to my roots--goofy nonsense and perhaps more boring videos.

Another reason for the blog's decline is that I haven't felt all that funny lately.  This fall it became apparent that I would no longer be able to sustain my struggling architecture business.  The building industry sucks most everywhere, but especially here in northern Michigan where there is a glut of cheap real estate on the market.  People would rather buy an existing home at rock-bottom prices than go through the headache and expense of designing and building something new.  For the time being I am working full-time as a paid ski patroller (while still doing my volunteer duty on weekends like before).  It's okay for now, but once the season is over I will again be looking for jobs that aren't really there.  Unless, of course, there is some unexpected spike in new construction.  It can be stressful, but I am healthy, I have a wonderful, understanding wife, great friends (including my blog-pals) and family, a home that contains ample food and clothing, and a vivid imagination.  So please, no pity.  Now quick, let us commence with the weiner jokes!


Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever watched a single episode of that show.

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

There once was a man named McGlass,
Whose balls were made out of brass,
When a storm was in the weather,
And his balls clanged together,
Lightning shot out of his ass.

Not a wiener joke, but close enough, no?

Jenny Jenny Flannery said...

Forgot to credit Doc with the limerick. He didn't write it, but he did recite it just now for you.

Anonymous said...

There once was a dick from Kashmir
Who went into a bar for a beer
He sat with breath bated
And waited and waited
Till shouting, "Seriously, who does a dick have to screw to get a damned drink around here."

Hey, give me a break. I'm taking limericks in a bold new direction.

Zed said...

Several things I need to tell you, my friend.

First, never once saw Boy Meets World. If I can find it in reruns, I'm in.

Second, it stinks to feel pressure about writing (I think Dale's going through that as well), so post when you can. I've been visiting your blog for about 4 years, and the goofy nonsense is great. Even your boring videos are great. :) Post when you can, but please don't disappear.

I'm sorry about the architecture business. My business saw a major decline as well, but is now bouncing back. I wish the same for you. But it's always good to see that you have been blessed with all those good things in your life: a good marriage, home, family, friends. That's all that really matters.

Some Guy said...

Zed, I was just kidding about Boy Meets World. It was a crappy '90s sitcom. Avoid.

Zed said...

Thanks for setting me straight. I don't watch commercial tv, so I'd never know. I only watch things like Bravo, Oxygen, CNN, The Food Network, etc. Ask me anything about the Real Housewives of any city, and I've got the correct answer.

Zed said...

Oh, and Chris, if Boy Meets World wasn't on commercial TV (abc, nbc, cbs--the normal crap), and was on one of the cable stations I mentioned, just humor me and say "goodnight Zed." It's the kindest thing you can do.

No point in trying to straighten me out at this time of night. I'm sleeping as I type this. ZZZZZ

Sans Pantaloons said...

I've ordered all eight seasons of Boy Meets World Chris. Thanks for the recommendation!


Anonymous said...

This one has been abused too:


There she sat so fair and mighty,
as the wind blew up her nightie.
Her tits hung loose,
like the balls on a moose,
She thought she was God Almighty.

there's more. forgot it now.