I'm Still A Major Nerd...

As I mentioned in THIS POST from over two years ago, I am trying to complete my collection of the 50 state quarters.  To increase the nerdosity, I want to get each state's quarter from both mints (Philly and Denver).  I finally have at least one of each pair, but I'm still trying to fill in a few holes.  These are the ones I'm still looking for:
  • Vermont - P
  • Kentucky - P
  • Mississippi - P
  • Arkansas - D
  • Texas - D
  • Iowa - P
  • California - P
  • Nebraska - D
  • Colorado - D
  • Montana - D
  • Idaho - D
  • New Mexico - D
  • Hawaii - D
If you happen upon any of these, I'd be glad to negotiate some sort of trade.


SkylersDad said...

I will dump out the change jar and commence to lookin Chris!

Son of a Thomas said...

I just happen to have all of thoes! Unfortunatly I need them for my state quarter collection that I am starting right................NOW!

Johnson said...

Talk to me when you start a collection of Canadian quarters. That might be so nerdy that it's cool; like hipster coin collection.

Cora said...

Well, I dunno. I'll go check the coin jar and see.

Cooper Green said...

If you need some reindeer money from the Winnipeg mint, drop me a line. Please specify Queen Elizabeth II or King George VI.

GETkristiLOVE said...

I think my sis is doing this too so you should email or FB her and see if she's got anything for trade.

Distributorcap said...

i have them all - i bought them from the mint when they came out each year