I was just sitting here and the word
popped into my head.
I'm wondering,
"What the hell is Gerbert?"
"Where do I know that word from?"
Turns out it was some
CBN children's show
from the early Nineties.
I'm sure I didn't watch it,
but it must've seeped into
my subconscious somehow.
Probably because Gerbert's head
looked kinda like
a three-cheeked ass.


Scope said...

Are you sure you weren't thinking of "Melissa Gilbert"?

"Half pint" has got some "two quart" jugs these days. PHOTO

joe said...

He could use a nose, also..

SkylersDad said...

Gerbert is sad because he doesn't have enough fingers to throw up the shocker.

Cooper Green said...

You must be relieved that it popped into your head. Imagine where else it might have popped.