Movie Faves...

My pal, Geo, tagged me looking for my top five favorite movies. I decided I just can't do this one without altering the format. It's too damn tough for me. So, I'm going to break it into four categories and give my top five for each.

Top five dramas:
-Star Wars: I know that most people consider "Empire..." the best of the bunch (and it is phenomenal, no doubt), but for me "Star Wars" was the one that had the biggest impact.
-The Godfather: Just so freaking good. You know. You've all seen it. Tell me you've seen it!
-Gandhi: Like Frank, I'm a big fan of the grand David Lean films and although this isn't Lean's work, it's Lean-esque in its scale. Kingsley's performance is transcendent. Plus, Gandhi was pretty awesome.
-On The Waterfront: I think Brando's performance is one of the best I've ever seen here.
-Goodfellas: What can I say? I love me some mob movies. Sorry to be a copycat, Frank.

Top five comedies:
- Dazed & Confused: I guess this qualifies as a comedy, but it's really so much more. The character studies and different subtle interactions make this a film I can watch anytime.
-Office Space: I've already talked about this one HERE.
-Best In Show: So many great bits. Fred Willard steals the show.
-Animal House: Another "anytime" movie.
-The Big Lebowski: Like "Dazed...", this is pretty much a comedy and it's magical.

Top five foreign films:
-Battle Of Algiers: A riveting film that plays like a documentary about the Algerian revolt against the French during the fifties. A must-see considering our experience in Iraq.
-8-1/2: Didn't like it at first, but it's lush and beautiful.
-City Of God: Gritty film about gang life outside Rio.
-Fitzcarraldo: Epic tale of a crazy guy in the Amazon. Beautifully shot.
-Amelie: A fun, feel-good movie. Audrey Tautou is cute as a button.

Top five documentaries:
-Grey Gardens: I talked about it HERE.
-Fast, Cheap, & Out Of Control: I talked about it HERE.
-American Movie: A story about an average dude and his dream. Great portrait of a true midwesterner.
-Chain Camera: A great piece of verite where high school students were given free reign to film their lives. Great stuff.
-Baraka: Who knew a film with ZERO dialogue could be so captivating. It may not be classified as a documentary, but it's close enough. Amazingly beautiful. See it if you haven't.


vikkitikkitavi said...

Thank you for saying American Movie. The first half hour I watched it, I was convinced it was a mockumentary. How could real life be so fucking brilliant and funny? Great film!

Geo said...

You are a filthy, filthy cheater. I respond with so much anger because normally I do the genre thing myself ;)

gizmorox said...

Grey Gardens scares the hell out of me.