Emmy Awards 2006 Re-cap...

-Joan Rivers is a nit-wit.
-Rampant cleavage.
-Jaclyn Smith has still got it goin' on!
-Lame speeches.
-More rampant cleavage.
-Steve Carell gets robbed by Antonio from the show "Wings".
-Christopher Hitchens flips off the audience (oops, I was flipping back & forth between a "Real Time With Bill Maher" episode I missed.)

**Edited to add: I'm not gay. I swear. And I refuse to use the overused "Seinfeld" line about homosexuality because, let's face it, at this point it is trite.


Flannery Alden said...

Jesus God! What the hell did JLD win an emmy for?!? That Christine show? That's crazy. Of course, I've never seen the show and I don't seem to watch sitcoms anymore and I can't even come up with the name of an actress on a competing sitcom to offer up instead.

I didn't even know the emmy's were on and I love award shows! Harrumph, I'm slipping. That damned DVR. Now that I watch only what I want to watch (Star Trek TNG, Columbo, Unwrapped), I no longer get notifaction of network tidbits. Dammit. If only my husband would watch The Office with me; I'm sure I'd have seen an add for the Emmy's there...no...I don't watch commercials anymore.

It's apparent I have some unresolved issues. I'll go finish my rant somewhere else while I sort this out. Thank you Chris, for reporting the news and alerting me to this new blind spot.

Chris said...

I have never seen "Elaine's" new show, either. She is a cutie, though. I watch these shows in case there's a real trainwreck. Oh, and for the boobs, naturally.

Frank Sirmarco said...

There's always the chance that someone's boob will slip out of their dress on the red carpet. The odds go up exponentially if Tara Reid is invited.

Grant Miller said...

Joan Rivers, back in the day, was a good comedian. I'm not so sure now.

Big Orange said...

I made a point of explicitly IGNORING all that shit. Talk, talk, talk! and STUPID talk at that! Lame-ass jokes that are worse than the "Almagamated Anthology of Kindergarden Knee-Slappers". Gleagh. It's worse than AM talk radio.

Besides, I don't WATCH TV so none o' these folken are any I know. I DID watch the first 3/4 season of "Lost" until it Jumped the Shark when Charlie came back from the asphxiated dead.