There He Goes Again...

While listening to Admiral Oo-Oo-Ah-Ah in his press conference today I heard him refer to it, yet again, as "my government". Multiple times.

You're probably wondering why I was listening to him in the first place. Well, I was actually in TOO good a mood today and felt that I needed something to temper my joyousness.

Anytime I hear him say this I have this image of him as a little kid fighting over a toy in a sandbox. I can just hear him saying, "No! It's MY government and YOU can't play with it!"

For the last time, it's OUR GOVERNMENT, not yours! Get that through your thick, simian skull, fuckface!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It's his government, he bought it with his granddaddy's money.

Distributorcap said...

i missed that one
i was SO concentrating on his incredibly arrogant demeanor --- and how he addressed everyone as if he was reading My Pet Goat to a first grade class

oopsie, he already did that and look what happened.

what a piece of shit

'Bubbles' said...

I really hate that 'my government' stuff, too. But sadly, he seems to have moved it in that sickening direction. He has tweaked the Constitution in so many twisted ways... oy.

Yes, very well said, distributorcap. what a piece of shit

Chris said...

Dr. M: Only he didn't really pay, did he? We kinda got stuck with the bill.

DC: The Daily Show highlighted once how he uses "In other words.." all the time, as if we all are too slow to understand the simple-ass shit he said the first time.

Bubbles: With any luck, we'll get another repub moron for another 4+ years, right?

Bubs said...

Referring to GW as "simian" is kind of insulting to monkeys isn't it?

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

The "in other words" makes me lose my mind. I loathe that man and how he thinks we are all so dumb.

Writeprocrastinator said...

"For the last time, it's OUR GOVERNMENT, not yours! Get that through your thick, simian skull, fuckface!"

That's what you think, as we will sit in Camp X-Ray while someone else has to catch us up on blogs and life.

Madam Z said...

He KNOWS "we" are dumb. 51% of "us" voted for him!