Random Shit...

Luckily it didn't come to this.

Basically, I came in Monday and turned on the computer. I got some cryptic error message that turned out to be something about a corrupted registry. Our computer whiz couldn't come until Tuesday, so Monday was lost.

Bored yet? Just wait.

Tuesday he spent the better part of the day trying to fix the glitch. I was mainly concerned with the vast amounts of data I could potentially lose. While I do back things up, I was dreading the idea of tracking down the CAD files for all the homes we've done. I also get extremely uncomfortable when someone is sitting at MY desk working at MY computer while I sit like a dope watching. Finally he was able to get Windows working and I saw all my stuff was safe and sound. There are all these little issues that keep popping up, but nothing too terrible. The biggest thing was getting our 3D modelling program - the one we do all of our work on - to work again. Right before lunch today we stumbled upon the solution. It's amazing the unease and vulnerability you feel when your computer is sick. I've had headaches and backaches and ass-aches the whole time.

- I'm sorry I haven't been commenting as much on your blogs. I also missed a whole bunch of shit that's been happening besides O'Reilly's birthday. I didn't see any of the Petraeus debacle, but that's probably for the best. I'm sure it was just what I would have expected. At least I did get to see the Britney travesty. Thank god we have people like her around to make us feel superior and to take our minds off the fact that our current government is shit.

- You know what I'd like in a president? I want someone that can at least envision a peaceful world. I know it's not going to happen anytime soon, but it'd be nice to have a leader that understands that war is never going to bring an end to war. I really don't think most of the candidates can imagine a world free of war, with the possible exception of Kucinich. To me, that should always be the ultimate goal.

- As you may have seen on Megan's blog, we captured the mouse and set him free. Little bastard.

- You know how they have those lists of "the best shows nobody's watching"? I'm curious to know the best blogs I'm not reading. I read all the ones in my links, but would like to know others that y'all recommend.

- Fuckin' Michael Medved. What a nuisance.

-Did I happen to mention what a fuckin' turdburger the fuckin' computer situation has been?

-Just a little early heads up. Flannery and Doc are coming to Chicago over the weekend of Oct. 13th. I'd love to have a little (or big) get-together for whoever wants to, but would like other people to suggest places since I've sorta picked the last two times. The best kind of place would be one that could accomodate a big, noisy group. Any input is encouraged.

-Edited: Apparently, Flannery and Doc are not coming as promised. I'd still be up for a gathering if people want to. Let's discuss...


Writeprocrastinator said...

About the corrupted registry? Been there, still angry about that. I'm reading a collection of short stories and some quotes that Camus said of Algeria back in '57, could easily be applied to what's going with us.

Somebody you know has to have a snake the next time you get a mouse, dish the bugger over.

Pavel Chekov said...

How about Britney Spears for President? I think she's ready for a career change.

Micgar said...

Michael Medved should've made my top 5 hated people-forgot about that asshole! Talk about a whiny dipshit!
I think its too bad many people don't take Kucinich's fresh, brave ideas seriously!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I totall agree about the computer thing. I hate even watching my gf use my pc.

Clare said...

unsolicited geek advice: burn a copy of Knoppix (a free linux OS) to a CD. Next time Windows craps out, reboot with the CD in the drive, start Knoppix, and use it to get all your data to a safe place. This is only a practical solution if, like me, you suck at fixing windows registry issues.

I still don't get why your cats couldn't catch the mouse for you.

Flannery Alden said...

Alas, plans have changed and we won't be able to get to Chicago at all for a while.

I'm so sorry. Feel free to get together and talk about us, though.

cooper green said...

Chris, you're one of those rare bloggers who feels he has an obligation to post every day, and apologizes to his dedicated readers when he can't. I admit, I feel a little bit robbed when you don't have something new for me to read. But it's not like you would even be aware if I took offense to your thoughlessness, and took my blog-reading time elsewhere. Yours is one of a kind, my friend. No one else even comes close.

However ... since you ask, I have compiled a short list of excellent blogs that I wouldn't toss yours over for if you managed to disappoint me one more time. Just once more.

Interestingly, most of them are Brits. I appreciate their style:
The Japing Ape
Chase Me, Ladies
Twenty Major

cooper green said...

Whoops, I thought Captain Smack was already on your blogroll. He's pretty funny too (and I'll bet I've missed some other good ones as well, for which reason I am presently performing preemptive supplication, while concurrently seeking the forgiveness of those I've failed to bookmark in the first place).

Coaster Punchman said...

While we're bitching about computers, can I put in my 2 cents by declaring Windows Vista to be the biggest pile of shit since Bill O'Reilly was born?