You Know This Guy, James Dobson?...

He is a walking, talking, breathing anus.
An unwiped one at that.
I think I shall rename him Anus McGee.

Rather than all his focusing on the family,
this guy should focus on all the poo that keeps
coming out of his mouth. It's icky.

His friends should really tell him.
If I had a friend like that,
with a constant turdstream coming out of his or her mouth,
I'd let them know. Because I'm a good friend, y'know?

Note: I know I don't always provide a lot of info when I talk about public figures. I make a lot of assumptions on this blog, one of which is that my readers are well-informed about charlatans like this ballsack. If you don't know who he is, it's probably for the best. If you want to learn more, here's some background.


Dr Zibbs said...

To get your point about him being an anus, maybe you could draw an anus on his face. If time doesn't allow for that, maybe leave some links to some photoshop sites and clip art of anuses - and ask readers to do it themselves.

Bubs said...

Simply put.

By the way, Jim Wallis, a not-right wing evangelical, has published a nice rebuttal to Dobson. Matter of fact, the Obama speech that Dobson referred to was given two years ago at an event sponsored by Wallis and Sojourners.

SkylersDad said...

A popular bumper sticker around here is "Focus on your own damn family!"

Mnmom said...

I LOVE your blog - I just snorted Pepsi out of my nose!

Philly said...

An unwiped anus? Oh man that is just gross,,lol

Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said...

aren't these people supposed to be, like, feeding the poor and helping the homeless??

Distributorcap said...

dobson is the king among unwiped anuses.

i can think of many uses of used kitty litter for him

Bill Stankus said...

Never heard of him. Then again I don't turn over the zillions of rocks from which creatures like him spawn.

I mean this America and we produce his type faster than you can say "God told us to do it".

And now that the Supreme Court says gun ownership is really part of being an American I think the religious right will be packin' more heat than Blackwater in Iraqi.

Wanna bet Dobson practices his fast draw in from of a mirror? Remember, he talks to God and apparently God talks to the armed and dangerous.

Micgar said...

oh god (heh heh) I hate this guy! If there were a top 5 of people who i actually hate, he would have to be there.I can't even stand to hear his whiny, sneering voice. I wish I could call in to his stupid show and fool him with evang christ. stuff, then all of sudden call him a unwashed anus, a la the Gorgeous George show!

Micgar said...
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