Here is a classic example of how a democrat looks lame, despite his best intentions to look tough.

Some of you remember Paul Begala from CNN's Crossfire. He, along with bow-tied douche Tucker Carlson were summarily shredded by Jon Stewart in the now infamous episode. Despite being a high-profile liberal, Paul attended a recent event called the President's Dinner, some hotshot republican fundraiser, and sent an e-mail to democrats afterward describing his experience:
"You should have seen the joint: wall to wall fat-cats. The limos were lined up around the block. If you’d stood in the middle of the ballroom and yelled, ‘Hey dirtbag!’ a thousand necks would have snapped around."
OK, not bad. Naturally, republicans feigned disgust at Begala's statement, claiming he was "over the line".

To his credit, Begala held his ground and fired back at the republicans:
"The Bush Republicans questioned the courage of a hero like Max Cleland. They besmirched the war heroism of John Kerry. They smeared Bill Clinton, savaged Hillary, attacked Sen. Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Howard Dean, but when I call their fat-cat funders 'dirtbags,' they cry like babies. They are wimpy, whiny wussies."
Now don't get me wrong. Any time someone wants to call republicans on their ridiculous faux indignation, I'm a happy guy. The thing is, Begala blew it. I know he had this whole alliteration thing going on, but let's face it, only a complete fuckin' pussy uses the word "wussies" instead of "pussies". Wussy is a just a watered-down version of pussy. If he had any stones, he would have come out and called them pussies, which is what they are.

Sorry, Paul. Close, but you were one word away...



Madam Z said...

Oh come on! Give the guy some credit! Alliteration rules!

"Wimpy, whiny wussies" sounds much better than Wimpy, whiny pussies.
And "Pimpy, phiny pussies" doesn't make sense.

Guido said...

Any man who used "stones" instead of "balls"...
Your denigration of the term "wussy" has Vince DiSimone rolling over in his white satin jacket.

Some Guy said...

I stand by what I said.

Unless, of course, enough of you disagree with me, in which case I will change my position. I have no integrity.

Bill Stankus said...

Considering the lack of congressional spine I'll accept any one who criticizes the Repugs, Bushites or other sub species who slink, crawl or wallow in DC.

Then again, where was the name calling and spitting nearly eight years ago?

Pot shots at a lame duck rate prez and his gang is rather low scale aggression.

Still one of the Dems did say something - which is really brave for them.

If he had also done a rap on Joe da Weasel Lieberman it would have been more interesting.

Micgar said...

I don't know Chris-I think I would have to say-(even though I do think Begala can be a wimp sometimes) that whiny wimpy wussies...just flows!

Aaron said...

I'm with the SGB on this one. How can you possibly refer to a roomful of "fat cats" and then switch metaphors midstream?

If they're fat cats who can dish out but can't take it, then they're pussies.

If they're wealthy weasels, then maybe, they're wussies.

"Wimpy, whiny, wussies," sounds like it came from the lips of a schoolboy who had his knuckles rapped with the P.C. ruler one too many times.