This Picture Has Nothing To Do With The Following Post...

I wanted to do a post about political ads, so I did an image search and this picture came up. Since I didn't really want to have a real "political ad" picture cluttering up my screen, BUT I knew I had to have A picture, I figured a laughing dog would do just fine.

So, for the second night in a row, while watching "Jeopardy!", I noticed multiple airings of the same Obama AND McCain ads during the course of the half-hour. I'm in a battleground state, so I've got this to look forward to until November. Fuckin' yay.

Allow me a second to be the guy who complains about political ads.

What the fuck? This is uncalled for. It makes no sense. If someone is watching a half-hour show and they are shown the same fucking ads during each commercial break, isn't that counterproductive? Aren't you just pissing off people like me who are too behind the times to get a DVR-type contraption? Every day with these ads is bad enough, but the SAME FUCKING ADS every ten minutes? That'd be fine if they were different every time. Actually, no, fuck that, it would still suck.

I say one political ad per candidate per hour of television. That's plenty.

I think the bottom line is that these two men love themselves so much that they can't go five minutes without seeing their face somewhere on something. That's why they spend so much on TV ads.


Beth said...

They should tap you to oversee campaign reform.

Like the laughing dog. I feel just like him. It's Friday, y'know.

SkylersDad said...

I plan to give my vote to the laughing dog this November.

Johnny Yen said...

Yeah, the hemaroid remedy commercials were so much better.

Micgar said...

Like the dog "informs us" you just gotta laugh!