A Challenge For All You Photoshop Pros...

See if you can give us a glimpse of what their offspring might look like.

By the way, do you think if we rubbed her tummy,
she might become docile, like an alligator?


The thought of rubbing her tummy just registered.

I bet it's all gritty, like sandpaper.


Skylers Dad said...

Her belly is Red White and Blue Chris, because that's the color of Freedom!

Hot Lemon said...

Well, she's got a giraffe neck and he ain't got one ay-tall, so lets start with how that might combine??

vikkitikkitavi said...

A male friend of mine saw her in a restaurant in LA once. He went up to her and pretended to be a fan, and asked if he could get a picture with her, she was all "you're cute, what's your name?" in this really skeevy way, and she put her arm around him, and just before his friend snapped the pic, he turned to her and said, "I think you're just awful."

The picture is priceless. I wish I could post it, but I don't have permission.

Valerie said...

Their kid would look exactly like this.

Johnny Yen said...

That's funny-- I was just posting about Coulter on another blog and was trying to come up with the Dems' version of her, and thought about Al Sharpton. Not even him. He's a buffoon and and a loudmouth and an embarassment, but he is not a hate-filled piece of shit like she it. If the Dems had a version of her, we'd disown him or her.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous hat gesagt...
(Hope you are not too angry if
i place this entry in your blog.
This is a kind of a life insurance
for an internet activist who is
seen as radical.)

To the New York Times Editor:

Ms Maureen Dowd in her 3/10/07 column,
quoting some sexy philosopher,
says that who fights with monsters
becomes a monster her/himself.

Even a child of eight would see
the faulty reasoning of this quote.

And agree that the person
who does NOT fight with monsters
and thus teams with them
becomes a monster her/himself.


Gul Ramani

ps. Good luck for your Blog

Chris said...

S.D.- She's probably has a huge tattoo of Dubya's face there.

HL- I guess it depends which one has the dominant genes. I'm guessing Coulter.

Vikki- Awesome story! That made my day.

Val- Classic! I think you're right. And the kid would just as fucked up, too.

JY- I agree. She has no equal.

Anon- No problem. Thanks for stopping.

Sans Pantaloons said...

Better late, than never.