Uncut Commercials...

Some of you may remember the commercial for "Operation", the wacky doctor game. It featured some young kids sitting around a table engaged in a spirited round of faux organ removal. Most of you are probably not aware that it was not aired in its entirety. The following is some original dialogue (in white) and recently unearthed dialogue that was cut out (in pink):

Contestant #1: (Reading card) Take out his spare ribs for $100!
Contestant #2: You'll never do that!
Announcer: It takes a very steady hand...
Contestant #3: Don't touch the sides!
Game: Bzzzzzzzzzz!
Contestants #2 & #3: Butterfinger!
Contestant #1: What the fuck did you just call me?
Contestant #2: Huh?
Contestant #1: I said, "What the fuck did you just call me?".
Contestant #3: Dude, relax. We're just giving you shit.
Contestant #2: Yeah, man. It's just a game.
Contestant #1: No, I'm fucking sick of this! Every time we play this
stupid game,
you two gotta bust my balls and it pisses me off!
Contestant #3: (to #2) Jesus! What a fucking baby!
Contestant #2: Yeah, whatcha gonna do? Tell mom?
Contestant #1: Maybe I will, dickhead. Maybe I'll tell her how
you've been
growing weed behind the garage.
Contestant #2: I swear to god, Jimmy. Do it and die.
Announcer: Why don't you losers all get back to playing the game.
C'mon. Who's next?
Do the funny bone.
Contestant #2: Hey, stay out of this, asshole. It doesn't concern you.
Announcer: Operation. A Milton-Bradley game.


Morgan the Muse said...

You should have heard what they cut out of the monopoly commercial.

Mnmom said...

I just choked on my lunch!!!

We never "played" Operation or Mouse Trap. We just dug out bones or sent the marble through the mechanisms. Actually playing the game was for geeks and losers.

Cap'n Ergo "XL" Jinglebollocks said...

it's a shame the way Da Maaaan has to constantly edit us creative types... I'm glad we gots U 'round to set da record STR8!!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a commercial worthy of the Super Bowl.

SkylersDad said...

In a followup commercial, I hear that instead of the game making a buzz, it was wired into high voltage electrodes on your balls.

Made it much more interesting.

Greta said...

You forgot the part where contestant #1 jumps over the gameboard and proceeds to choke contestant #2.

And then Dad walks in a smacks the shit out of all of em.

pistols at dawn said...

As an alcoholic with the DTs, games where you can't allow your hand to shake offend me morally.

Cora said...

That's how we always played it in my family.

BeckEye said...

Ah, reminds of Christmas with the family.

Cooper Green said...

I'm surprised they cut out "Operation. A Milton-Bradley game." That would probably have an impact on sales.

Whenever me and my friend Winston were taking apart neighbourhood pets to see what was inside, we would shout "BZZZZT!" when one of us pulled out an organ. It kept us sharp.

Anonymous said...

Those were the days.

At least back then, kids cussed each other out, grew weed on the sides of houses and still had an interest in playing anatomy games outside of the junior high bathroom.

Those were such innocent times.

Micgar said...

Sounds like one of the actors would've soon needed an operation-to take out forcibly inserted tweezer from his ass!

Leonesse said...

Oh, Jebus, I needed this. Realize it's late, but I've been busy and trying to catch up.

That was damn funny. It's nice to know other people think like LK and I. Weirdo.