Do You Clap After Movies?...

You do?

Unless you're at a screening at
Cannes or Sundance
or some other venue
where the cast and/or crew
are actually in the audience,
what's the point?
Who are you clapping for?
The projectionist?
Perhaps you're clapping for the kid
behind you who went two hours
without kicking your seat.
I suppose that's applause-worthy.

I like to imagine that the people clapping
are just guys out on dates who
are excited because they pulled the old
"wiener through a hole in the bottom
of popcorn bucket" trick
and she fell for it.


Poobomber said...

I've only noticed this when in movies theaters in the USA. The first time i saw it happen, I thought maybe something special happens, but alas, it was just the end of the movie. WTF?

Flannery Alden said...

I think it's a result of catharsis. Some people laugh, some people cheer, some people clap at the end...and other people do reprensible things to a popcorn bucket.

Cora said...

I have never seen anyone do that at the end of a movie. (Who does that?) Although I was there when an entire movie theater clapped and cheered when Hermione punched Malfoy in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". True story. Total nerd fest, of course - I loved it!

Dr Zibbs said...

Clapping is stupid - even after the great movie I just saw today: Slumdog Millionaire.

Geo said...

This whole post was to test whether an animated image works in the posting, yes?

Some Guy said...

Geo- Not initially, but it did add a level of excitement to the post for me.

Actually I hotlinked a pic which you aren't supposed to do. If anyone knows how to embed an animated GIF file in a post I'm all ears.

Micgar said...

I remember I went (under duress) to see Rocky IV-the people clapped and cheered at the end! I hated that dumb movie! I think one person started it, then another, and of course others didn't want to get accused of being "unpatriotic" so...
If my wife and I see a great movie, we are just usually blown away and talking about it quietly. I can't see clapping. Its not like a play where I could see that happening.

teri said...

Usually only when it's a kick ass ending and then everyone is cheering and clapping.

raf said...

It's a great way to wake those usual people who always fall asleep..

~E said...

I do not clap after movies.

Because I am COOL.

Distributorcap said...

if you find out how to embed animated gifs let me know --- i have tried and failed.... like all things i do

i never clap at movies. the actors could care less

Scope said...

I'm not a movie clapper. But I rarely see movies out, now that internet porn is easier to get. ;-)

But the clapping seems to be a recent thing. I blame the punk kids who do everything in crowds now-a-days.

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