My Friend?...

I think I posted something about this before, so if it's a rerun, my apologies.

John McCain has this annoying habit of adding "my friend" or "my friends" to everything he says. For instance, he might say to Gov. Romney, "You, my friend, are a lying sack of turkey shit." Or to anyone who happens to be watching him at any particular moment, he might say, "Let me tell you, my friends, we're gonna stay in Iraq until every person on this planet hates us and you're gonna like it!" He says it constantly and it comes off as completely disingenuous.

Senator, I'm pretty sure Mr. Romney is not your friend. I can't tell you I am definitely not your friend. For me, in order to consider someone a friend, I have to, at a minimum, share some sort of ongoing interaction. Meeting in person would help, but it's not essential. I have learned through this blog that you can have friends that you may not necessarily ever meet.

So, until you're ready to start commenting on this blog, or e-mailing me, or talking to me on the phone, stop calling me your fucking friend. You sound like a dick.


Cooper Green said...

You won't be too fond of John Edwards either, I guess. When he steps up for Rain-X, he drops the "My F"-bomb as well.

Geo said...

Mr. Romney, however, has the annoying habit of adding "bling bling" or "why let the dogs out... who? who? who?" to the end of his sentences.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I think the whole country is about to discover that a little bit of McCain goes a long way.

dguzman said...

Amen to that, Vik. McCain annoys me just by breathing. Romney's so robotic that he's almost lovable, in a Robot from Lost in Space kinda way. But Walnuts? He just strikes me as a major league ass. hole.

Distributorcap said...


mccain doesnt sound like a dick
he is a dick

Emmanuel Lavoie said...


How about a post on your analysis of the Clinton - Obama debate?


Writeprocrastinator said...

I worked with a so-called minister who used this phrase all day long. "My friend, could you hand me that?" and "my friend, it sure is a fine day."

We worked hard on a project to rectify what this day shift guy screwed up, then the so-called minister (S.C.a.M?) spent the next two weeks, trying to convince everybody and anybody that the day shift guy deserved all the credit.

Now I reflexively wince everytime I hear that expression.

Micgar said...

McCain's face kinda looks like that butt-faced kid you had in the other post!