I Gotta Hurry...

Splotchy says I have to finish this meme before midnight tonight or someone dies or something, so here 'tis:

Give me 1 noun, 2 verbs and 3 adjectives you like.
You can also provide an optional made-up word.

Mine are:

Noun: pablum
Verbs: schlep, question
Adjectives: sweaty, troglodytic, sacrosanct
Made-up word: qluj


Splotchy said...

This post, sir, was anything but pablum.

Thanks for playing.

Marni said...


SkylersDad said...

Succulent post!

Bubs said...

Good words.

I was watching some show with Alton Brown on the Food Network last night, and he kept talking about "sweating" vegetables. Sweaty.

Distributorcap said...

you must be the king of scrabble

gizmorox said...

And how, exactly, do we pronounce that last one?

Chris said...

It's pronounced "oo". All the other letters are silent.