A Movie Moment That's Always Bugged Me...

You know that scene in Billy Madison where Billy has his young friend, Ernie (the guy who pees his pants), call their teacher, Ms. Vaughn, in order to find out whether she likes him (Billy)? Well, I think it was WAY out of line for Billy to yell at Ernie the way he does. Let's break it down:
  • Right from the start, it's obvious Billy is taking advantage of Ernie's low self-esteem. Ernie, with his many urinary problems, clearly has very few friends and will do anything to win Billy over, even something as embarrassing as calling his teacher. Ernie obliges without argument.
  • Billy prompts Ernie to ask a series of unseemly questions regarding Ms. Vaughn's "status" (Does she have a boyfriend, Does she like anyone in class more than a friend, etc.). Ernie does so flawlessly, in my opinion.
  • Billy then tries to push the limits of what is appropriate by telling Ernie to ask her if she'd ever consider dating anyone from class. When Ernie objects, Billy screams, "Just DO IT!" Again, Ernie does as he is instructed.
  • As she starts to answer, Billy then gets on another phone to listen for himself. When it becomes clear that Ms. Vaughn has mistaken Ernie's questions as an indication that he (not Billy) has a crush on her, Ernie gets right to the point and asks her about Billy. When her response is not the desired one, Billy chimes in using a high-pitched voice that is supposed to imitate Ernie (but sounds nothing like him) and says something impulsive. His comment raises suspicion and he is forced to abort the mission and hang up abruptly. He then berates poor Ernie, yelling, "You BLEW IT!"
If anyone blew it, it was Billy. I don't know what he was getting all bent out of shape about. Nowhere in this exchange did I notice any failure on Ernie's part. He did exactly what he was asked. One could make the argument that by mentioning Billy's name, Ernie had sabotaged the plan or "blew it". I, however, would argue that unless she is some sort of Mary Kay Letourneau-type as well as completely oblivious to the fact that she has a grown man in her class, she knows that dating third graders is taboo and that the call was being placed on behalf of Billy. I think Ernie performed with flying colors and that Billy needs to reflect on just who really "blew it". If only he'd look in the mirror, I think he'd find his answer.

If you want to judge for yourself, the scene is HERE.

Edited to add: I guess Billy does make up for it somewhat with the fake pants-wetting bit.


BeckEye said...

I've never seen that movie. I've never seen "Happy Gilmore" all the way through either. I've heard they're kind of the same thing, except one has golf.

Micgar said...

I haven't either-not a big Sandler fan. But I agree with your premise.

~E said...

You are WAY too into that movie dude!


which is why I love you.


that and the videos of you laughing and such.

bubbles said...

My kids LOVE that movie. I tolerate Sandler.

Actually, they love anything with Sandler in it. I listened to my son laughing out loud from the back seat from here to Colorado this summer - and did not have to listen to bickering; therefore, I am a huge Sandler fan.

Your analysis was complete and well written. A- (I never give A+ unless I am bribed in some way.)

Distributorcap said...

i think i would watch fox news before i would watch an adam sandler movie