Since It's Monday And Everyone's Already Miserable...

You want to watch something truly disgraceful?
Check out this 60 Minutes story over at Crooks & Liars.
Please forward it to anyone you know who still
can't admit that our current health care system
is inhumane.


Erik said...

60 Minutes? That liberal station CBS would have you think that there's something wrong with our health care system! If you get sick, all you have to do is go to an Emergency Room. Stop posting liberal, Michael Moore propaganda!

SkylersDad said...

I saw that last night Chris, and I am still feeling nauseous over it!

I was especially moved hen the woman needed glasses, made it into the building, but the eye glass section was already closed. She said that god will provide, but why the hell can't our own country provide!

Grant Miller said...

I saw it. How any American, or human for that matter, can watch it and not feel ashamed is beyond me.

Micgar said...

I left an very badly written comment last time-sorry! I meant to say that I had heard on the Glenn Beck show-(why do I even listen to that schmuck?!) that he thinks that (he says he "proof") that people who can afford health insurance instead spend it on frivolous things like appliances, furniture, stereos.
I think, like skylersdad said-this news story can make one feel nauseous! This is the richest country in the world-we shouldn't have a need for that program!