There Are Some Things That Can't Be Explained...

Like why this post continues to make me laugh so loud. Like Bill Hicks once said, "It's like a sore tooth I can't stop touching..."


Jen said...

I cried when I watched this

and I Love the fact
that you laughed the hardest
at some of the ones
I personally photoshopped (#1,#2,#6,#11,#12)


Thanks Chris
that made my night
I'm still laughing


2 fools said...

HAHAHAHAHA This is awesome. Chris' wife is like "What? It's really not that funny" I think that's what made me laugh the hardest..."Like you've never seen them before..." (so disgusted) that is the BEST. NOTHING is funnier than YOU thinking something is hilarious and someone else staring blankly at you, thinking it's retarded. LOL

Teri said...

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you!!

I have tears in my eyes and I'm at work trying my hardest NOT to laugh along with you......

Teri said...

How does Megan deal with you?

"Molecular level"


Micgar said...

what the hell-at first I was yeah that was funny the first time I saw it but now its just...kinda...fuckin funny! Its funnier 'n hell!

Sans Pantaloons said...

Classic post paradox!