Something To Look Forward To...

Just when you though he was out of our lives completely, according to THIS ARTICLE, Professor Rumsfeld has decided to bless us all with his memoir to be available in 2010. Early transcripts suggest there will be a little something for everyone:
  • The book will contain a lot of known-knowns, known-unknowns, and unknown-unknowns. Unfortunately, they edited out the part about unknown-knowns.
  • It includes lots of mouth-watering baby-flesh recipes.
  • Rumsfeld describes his own definition of torture - An unvented room and George Tenet's beer-farts.
  • A center section full of personal photos, including one of he and his fellow cabinet members engaged in a spirited game of "Weiner-Tag" in the oval office.
  • Rumsfeld boils down his secret to success to one easy-to-remember anagram: ABC - Always be cantankerous.
  • We get to find out what he's been busy with since resigning as Secretary Of Defense, namely pimping out his MySpace page and watching reruns of "Designing Women" on Lifetime. And eating babies. Rummy loves him some babies.


Distributorcap said...

hey shit happens when you are fired from being Secretary of Misdefense!

anyone who wastes 2 nickels on that book!

Micgar said...

And now the fuckin' bastard is ever so close to us in Taos,NM! May a really huge ponderosa pine fall upon his cottage!

Writeprocrastinator said...

"Always be cantankerous."

Absolutely. Let's send him over there so that he can tell all those Iraqis to get off of his lawn.

Anonymous said...

I love that it looks like he's trying to gouge his own eyes out.