Do You Guy's Have Schwan's By You?...

I don't know anything about this company other than
I see their trucks driving around all the time.
Something to do with ice cream, I think.

I might take more notice of who they are and
what they do if they spelled their name

And, for that matter, these guys should be

"Charles əb"


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

They sell more than just ice cream. They carry a whole array of frozen foods.

Gwen said...

We lived on a farm when I was a kid and the Schwan's man came to our house every two weeks. I LOVED! the dreamsicle pops that he sold and begged my mom to get them every time. YUM! We would always get soooo excited when the Schwan's man visited.

Scope said...

Mmmm... Schwan's Pizza Burgers. I think they were 50% lean. Fry one of those bad boys up and the pan will be full of orange grease.

And it was worth it.

Mnmom said...

The schwa sound - an old buddy from elementary school.

The Schwan's guy was just here! We love their biscuits, and broccoli. Their ice cream isn't worth the extra money, but other offerings are.

BeckEye said...

Damn, I love schwa humor.

I used to order from Schwan's all the time. They're wonderful for people like me who don't cook. Fish sticks and tater tots, baby!

There is a comparable, healthier service here in NYC called Fresh Direct, which I'm going to miss terribly when I move back to the 'Burgh. Back to fish sticks and tater tots, I guess.

Oliviology said...

I ate some of their tasty frozen treats for dessert

Jenna said...

My mom gets Schwan's delivered. When I was growing up there was a whole extra freezer in the basement filled with random frozen crap. Now that Becky mentions it, it might be a great idea, I don't love to cook either!

Whiskeymarie said...

I grew up with a Schwan's man!

Wait. That came out wrong.


Shawn said...

I used to BE a Schwan's man.... Love the product, but the job is horrible.... If you have a family, you'll regret every minute, nay, DAY you not be around them for not much pay.
Treat your neighborhood Schwan's man well! Order as much as can as often as you can! Luckily, they take AND welcome the EBT/Food stamp cards. The only way theymake any real money is if their customers buy, so please buy!