Too Long...

Yeah, It's been a long time. First, the last post is a detailed route of the road trip my buddy, Guido, and  I took over the course of several months in early 1996. I tried to recreate it as accurately as I could. Sorry to leave you hanging on that.

With the news of the loss of Doc today, I've been thinking about all the friends I made through this blog and all the fun we had. I , for one, had a fucking blast with it. Hell, I met my wife because of it! And it's not that I'm super-bummed that it has sort of run its course. I figured it would eventually. Even so, I think I'll always feel connected to my blog friends. Megan and I were talking about it over dinner, how organic it all was. Most of it was pre-Facebook, so we were getting to know each other based primarily on our writing and I think ultimately it was our senses of humor that was the heart of the connection. Now that Facebook has supplanted blogging as the way most of us stay in touch, It feels good to know I can still know what's going on with many of you. 

With the help of my reader, I still notice the rare occasions when people post something. I read all the recent posts from Doc, so today's news wasn't a complete shock. It sucks. While I have no concept of what Doc and Flannery's lives have been like over the past few years, I can say that the limited memories I have of meeting both of them and being welcomed into their home are happy ones. Doc was nothing but kind to me. He introduced me to friends, made me laugh, and got me drunk.

I make no judgment on what Doc did. I hope the people who knew him best and who are in pain right now will find comfort. 


VEG said...

So sad. That's all I'm saying.

And yeah, things used to be thriving and lively and fun interacting with everyone. Everyone's moving on with stuff to do and not blogging so much and yes, I guess they like the brevity of FB and the like but I miss the old days. Glad you're still kicking, young man!

Mark said...

It's too bad the comments on this are mostly bogus. I, too, made good friends through my blog, back in blogging's heyday. I have slowed my posting to a crawl, largely because of the community around it drying up. As you mentioned, Facebook changed folks' focus from spending a long time on a few sites to spending a little bit of time on hundreds of posts from folks they barely know or never even knew in their past (high school classmates, etc.). Anyway, I stumbled on your blog by searching for the term "Arkanslaw" after it popped into my head this morning.

My blog buddies and I have held three meetings in person, and had an absolute blast every time. We brought the wives along for one of them.

Glad you still have friends you made through blogging. I'm still sad that my writing and my online community have nearly gone by the wayside.

Scope said...

I'm hosting "Cyber Monday" again this year over at SCOPE-TECH. Just post something, anything, on Monday, December 1, and then post a link over on my blog.

Last year was a great way to reconnect with bloggers that had started to fade away.

Won't you play along?

If your blog is dead, but you want to just send me a blurb, I'll post it on Scope-Tech.


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