Hollywood Does It Again...

Based on the recent success of such films as Transformers and Transformers II: Give Us More Money, Hollywood is trying to cash in by adapting more and more cartoons for the big screen. One of the films that is receiving the most buzz right now is the adaptation of the old Baby Huey cartoon due out in time for the holidays.

For those who don't remember, Baby Huey was the obnoxiously naive and annoyingly accident-prone giant bediapered duck that taught a nation to love while leaving a path of misery and destruction in his wake (a small sample can be found HERE). According to the studio execs I talked to, this one has "Boffo!" written all over it.

In yet another example of her tremendous range, Meryl Streep has been slated to play Huey. Insiders are saying that the performance is a tour de force (translation: tour of force), full of pathos and nuance. This role is a return to her roots, of sorts, and will not be the first time she has gotten inside the mind of an un-toilet trained water fowl. Ms. Streep played Quacky McPoopoo in her fifth grade presentation of Barnyard Bowel Movements to rave reviews.

Seth Rogen will shed his well-intentioned stoner persona and play the antagonist, a megalomaniacal mastermind hell-bent on conquering Guyana and French Guiana (but, oddly, not Suriname) until his plans are accidentally thwarted by young Huey in an uproarious, madcap kind of way.

Megan Fox will not actually have a speaking role, but an image of her making this face will be flashed intermittently throughout the film. Many are saying it is her best performance yet.

As a promotion, the first 500,000 audience members will be offered a pair of limited edition Baby Huey diapers. Believe me, you'll be so crippled by laughter that you won't be able to run to the bathroom to take a dump!


Doc said...

I can't wait to see Streep in a diaper! Again!

This has big money written all over it!


Anonymous said...

Watching Meryl Streep and Seth Rogen in a movie together would be FASCINATING. Especially if she was clad in a diaper. The fetishists would love it!

But really I think Megan is a Real Doll. She has the exact facial expression. You know, not that I've checked them out or anything... Much.

Son of a Thomas said...

I am throwing my script away right now.

Scope said...

When it comes out on Blu-Ray, will that package it with 'Howard the Duck'?

And I've never seen anyone look like a blow-up doll before as much as Ms. Fox. I bet if she had an offically lisenced blow up doll, she'd make SERIOUS coin off of it.

Grant Miller said...

Sounds like a good flick. I like any film review that notes an actor's pathos.

Anonymous said...

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